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Jim comes from a competitive sports background and was an exercise consultant at a major company. He knows that every athlete must be conditioned differently to bring out his true potential. He uses this knowledge to maximize the horse’s strengths.  We are a drug-free training center.  Our horses are all conditioned with hard work and exercise to prepare them physically and mentally for success in the show ring.

Becky has picked up all of the Performance at SBF.  I think with her consistent results, it was a good move. 

Snowberry Farm has indoor and outdoor facilities, including an indoor arena for off-months with a 25+ stall show barn.  All horses go outside and have their own paddock every day

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Show Season and Winter Season. 

Past Info

Becky McKeith - Performance

Becky McKeith - Performance

Becky McKeith - Performance

Graham's Magic Mystery

Becky McKeith does the Performance Training

Jim McKeith - Halter

Becky McKeith - Performance

Becky McKeith - Performance

Fairwind 's Aztec Vixen

Jim McKeith does the Halter Training